So, you want to be a plugin developer?

yannick lefebvreDo you ever browse the WordPress Plugin Directory and wish you could see your creations up there? Have you ever written code for a personal site or customer and thought that others could benefit from having access to your work? ‘So, you want to be a plugin developer?’ covers numerous aspects of plugin development, including finding an idea for your plugin and securing a space for it in the directory, programming resources and code quality guidelines to make sure your add-on is top-notch, and more business-oriented topics like monetization and promotion. With all of these tips and tools in hand, your next idea could be the next great WordPress plugin.

Prerequisites: This session is targeted at WordPress integrators or PHP programmers interested in writing and distributing WordPress plugins to the user community and wanting to know more about the plugin creation, distribution and support processes. Only small code snippets will be discussed.

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